KOMBI RENTALS AND HIRE - Offering / Expressions
of Interest being sought


Objective to raise working capital through a private share issue in 'Kombi Rentals and Hire'. Investment available to both International and Australia Investors.
Funds raised to be invested in the Tourism Industry in Australia.



Amount to be raised: $150,000. (Australian Dollars) through the sale of 20 shares each at $7,500.(Australian Dollars)



Use of funds:

1.      Outright purchase of  a further 20 additional rental vehicles,

2.      New larger premises and parts storage facilities in Northern NSW Region,

3.      Restoration to rental condition of  newly purchased vehicles and ongoing maintenance of existing units,

4.      Development of an “Off the shelf” Australian Wide reconditioned engine replacement service,

5.      Enhanced agency, advertising and promotion,

6.      Consolidation of Kombi Rentals.



Dividends and returns:

Returns and dividends to investors come from a number of avenues:


·        Outright short term and long term rentals,

·        Sales and Re-sales of vehicles engaged in rentals,

·        Outright sales of fully restored Kombis.


What’s in it for investors?

·        Guaranteed minimum return in 1st year of  8.00% and expectations of higher returns thereafter dividends paid ½ yearly,

·        High prospects for REAL Capital Growth,

·        Investor use of  a Kombi Camper for 25% of the normal rate for 1 x 2 week period / or  for 2 x 1 week periods during any 12 month period,

·        Regular 12 monthly reporting and valuation.

·        Security :- Investment in Real/physical Assets.- each investor has a direct registered interest in a specific vehicle – multiple investment by a single investor gives that investor specific registered ownership in specific vehicles.







About Kombi Rentals.


In 2001 the first Kombi Rental took place with a 10 day rental to 3 Irish nationals who hired a fully equipped Kombi Camper (“Martini” a 1974 model 1800cc 4 seater Kombi Pop-Top camper) to travel from Melbourne to Adelaide via the scenic Great Ocean Road.


Since 2001 Kombi Rentals has provided Kombis for a variety of rental periods ranging from 10 days to 54 day periods.


In 2002 a couple used one of our rental Kombi Pop-Top Campers as a wedding vehicle. They actually exchanged vows inside the Kombi! Location:- Sydney. Following the wedding they travelled extensively throughout NSW for their honeymoon.


Again in 2002 Kombi Rentals provided a 1975 model Pop-Top Camper for Granada Television of the UK. This vehicle “Tango” was originally purchased in Dubbo, NSW. To meet the requirements of Granada Television the Kombi was re-painted orange from its original Martini Olive colour and delivered on time to Alice Springs from Byron Bay. This Kombi was the centre piece of their documentary seen by an audience estimated at over 60 Million viewers in 2002.


More recently Kombi Rentals has provided another Kombi Pop-Top camper for 2 friends, one from New York and another from London each arrived in Australia at Brisbane and used the vehicle to tour for 14 days along the NSW coast and west to Dubbo’s Western Plains Zoo. Both ladies enjoyed a trouble free Kombi Camper and accomplished their “Dream” holiday to Australia without concern.


Another couple has hired a Kombi Camper for a 54 day period travelling from Sydney to Cairns and return between May and July 2005.


On average some 25 requests are received each month from potential hirers. Due to the number of vehicles available the greater majority of these requests have not been met.


Enquiries for rental are received via two methods, firstly through our online enquiry form which is received by email and secondly by telephone. However, the first point of contact from any would be hirer is via the internet through the http://www.CarsOnline.com.au internet site.


Being able to provide more vehicles would allow greater economies of scale and stronger income streams.


All vehicles offered for hire are mechanically checked prior to each rental and all have Premium NRMA Breakdown Service which covers each vehicle Australia Wide. In addition, each vehicle carries accident, fire and theft insurance.


Should any vehicle require major servicing Kombi Rentals has access to a fully equipped workshop with capabilities ranging from body work to complete engine rebuilds and interior preparation.



Recent Engine rebuild 16th April, 2005 with “Reconditioned Heads” for AC 50 XI a 1974 Kombi we call “Pacific”…car rented out 18th April, 2005.



A significant Australia Wide demand for quality rebuilt engines and quality reconditioned heads, including Unleaded Fuel Heads is always present.


This is an area in which Kombi Rentals would be able to apply its experienced services to meeting this demand from our demographically central location.








Body work undertaken to repair corroded areas and door surrounds precedes a full re-paint in February, 2005. All work carried out “inhouse”.



Repainted and re-equipped Kombi Camper as per Granada Television requirements for documentary filmed in Alice Springs.





Since 2001 Kombi Rentals has sold 6 Kombi Campers grossing more than $25,000. On average prices are currently $1,000 - $1,500 higher in 2005 than in 2004.


2004 prices were up on 2003 by approx. 20%.


During the period 2005 -2006 as good quality Kombi Campers are increasingly harder to find it would be reasonable to expect that prices will again rise. All vehicle sales todate have been through the http://www.carsonline.com.au internet site.



Rental vehicles past and current:



FOR MORE INFORMTION CONTACT : kombi@carsonline.com.au