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Taking a 23 year old 911Targa 2.7 to Coober Pedy in Central Australia ..Continued

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End of Season Race
Japan...Transcript from Sunday's press conference at the Japanese GP

Cyril The Naughty Wolseley

Away back when you were little, Cyril and his friends used to pose, very discreetly of course, around English villages, lawyers' offices, banks, colonial highways... Continued

In October 1948 the first Citroėn 2 CV
was shown to the public in Paris. 1998 celebrated the 50 years jubilee, to an actual production period of 42 years ..

En Francais
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April, 2002
Edition 77; Our 6th year

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New from Jaguar at the Melbourne Motor Show

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American Auctions in 1999

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